We are our brother's keepers. We want to help.

When my hus, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. As a chapter president, Leadership Consultant, chapter advisor, and now as an international officer, my experience has enriched me beyond words. I even met my husband at an ADPi conference!

Now that you are preparing for the next big chapter in your life, I want to help you get your wedding under control. The products I created were so helpful for my wedding and I want to help my sisters make sure their special day is one to remember!

As a delta chi, i want to offer you a discount. 


Visit our online store right now and use either of the below promo codes at checkout on any of our product packages:

DELTACHI: at checkout you will receive 25% off of any package purchase you choose.

JIMMYV: at checkout you will receive 15% off of any package purchase you choose and I will match 15% of your purchase price and donate it to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. Basically, you pass along some of your savings to support Delta Chi's official philanthropy.

Whether you need the full 3-in-1 system or just want the budget manager, you can choose what option best fits your needs. And if you have any questions, you can contact me at Erin@WeddingUnderControl.com.

We give you the tools to manage your wedding...

Budget and Expense Tracker - record your individual expenses and track your budget to the penny. That way you know if you have enough to upgrade for that large flower arrangement or if you need to scale back on your reception dinner bar tab. You don't want to start off your married life regretting how much you overspent, right?

Guest List Manager - whether it's for your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, or other events, there are a lot of names and RSVPs to keep track of. Be able to pull reports based off of meal counts, who was invited but not replied, even make notes of who gave you that awesome fondue pot. Great for making sure you get those thank you cards done.

Task Tracking and Contacts - for many couples, this is the biggest event they've ever planned. As your to-do list grows, keep track of what's been done, what's coming due, and what you don't have to worry about for a few weeks. It also keeps all your important vendor contacts and bridal party members in one easy location you can access any time.

... without junk e-mails or selling your personal information.

Your Information Is Private - as you may have already found out the hard way, when you sign up for many of the 'free' online services, your inbox is now for sale. We respect your privacy since you have enough to work on. We will NEVER share or sell your personal contact information.

We're Here To Help - also unlike some of the online templates, we're here for you if you have questions, problems or special requests. While the Wedding Under Control system is designed to be all-inclusive, we know some weddings have special circumstances. We won't leave you high and dry planning your big day. 

Ready to get started? Purchase now!