With our three-part wedding planning management system, you'll have what you need to organize your special event.

It's easy to use! Simply fill in a few blanks to get started.  As you go, you'll have a simple yet powerful budgeting, guest managing and task tracking system. Our all-in-one workbook driven by Microsoft Excel keeps it all together, so you can focus on your wedding vision!

Budget & expense manager

  • Input budgeted amounts for each expense category (common categories already provided)
  • You can create customized expense categories and customized subcategories within each category
    • For example: category of Apparel, subcategory of Wedding Dress
  • Enter expenses as you go – categorize them accordingly automatically
  • See budget vs actual expenses in real time in an easy format (How are you doing? Are you over/under budget in each category?)
  • Particularly useful for whoever is managing the wedding finances
  • Always know how much money you have remaining to be budgeted and how much money you have remaining to be spent. With a single click you can print a full report (summary or detailed) of every category in your budget and up-to-date expenses.
  • You can always update your budget at any time!  Each category and subcategory budgeted amounts can be changed to reflect changes in estimates along the way. So if your dream dress is $100 less than you budgeted, you can add that $100 somewhere else.

Guest manager

  • Store guest information only once and use for multiple events (showers, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids brunch, etc)
  • Print invitation lists with the click of a button
  • Keep track of who each guest is invited by
  • Record who has and has not RSVP'd to any wedding or pre-wedding event and see counts automatically
  • Live meal counts for catering orders (either plated meal selections or buffet options)
  • Record gifts received from each person so you remember who got you that amazing centerpiece
  • Need to write thank you notes?  This will keep track of that too!
  • Assign table numbers for a reception seating arrangement
  • If you'll have out-of-town guests, you can keep track of guests staying at your hotel of choice

Task Tracker and Contacts

  • Keep a to-do list of personal items and assign each task a due date
  • Track items in progress, late, done, and not yet started
  • Add notes for who is responsible for a task, where you need to go, special instructions, etc
  • Print a list of all (or late) tasks to get help completing
  • Has a print-ready page of vendor contact info and important wedding personnel 
    • Share with your bridal party, family, vendors, wedding planner, etc.
  • Has a print-ready page for creating a week-of wedding agenda info
    • Useful to assign people tasks to do (where to be, what time, pick up tuxedos, who to meet the florist, etc.)
    • Print a day-of agenda so that you can make sure everything has been accounted for

Package Pricing:

  • Full 3-in-1 package: $49.95

  • Budget + Guest List 2-pack: $44.95

  • Budget / Expense Manager: $24.95

  • Guest List Manager: $24.95

  • Task Manager / Contacts: $14.95

  • BUY NOW and select your package!

Let’s say your wedding budget is $20,000. Does it make sense to spend less than 0.25% of that to ensure 99.75% of your budget is properly spent and planned? We think so.


Microsoft Excel

Wedding Under Control is a Microsoft Excel-based organizational tool fully customized to the bride/groom. Simply enter your wedding budget amount and off you start!

Internet access

Your workbook will be connected remotely with our system. You are free to work offline and when you reconnect to an internet signal, it will sync automatically. This also allows for hassle-free system upgrades, repairs or future customization. 


Dropbox, a free-to-download desktop and mobile app, provides easier maintenance for you. You can access your records anywhere, though we recommend downloading the Dropbox app onto your computer desktop. You can also share access to your records with up to 3 different e-mail addresses (parent, fiancee, wedding planner, etc).

A Computer

You'll need a computer to use Wedding Under Control as it's a fully electronic system. You can use a Mac or PC as long as it has Excel, or for a tablet you'll need a screen larger than 10.1" and an Office 365 subscription. For ease of use, a laptop or desktop computer works best. You can view your workbook on a smartphone using your Dropbox mobile app!

After YOUR wedding, you will receive a final ELECTRONIC COPY of everything pertaining to your EVENT for your personal records. 

Ready to get started? Purchase now!