How to Get Mom to Take a Step Back

If you’re a bride with an over-involved mother, try to appreciate her wantingness to be helpful in her own way.  Are you almost to the point of enough? Here are a few tips to get your mother to take a step back for your wedding plans.

5 Tips for Creating a Wedding Budget and Sticking To It

Creating a budget for your wedding is the most important thing you can do as an engaged couple.  Why?  Being a financially responsible married couple is one of the most important things you can do together.

How to Choose Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

With plenty of choices in wedding accessories, jewelry shopping can be just as confusing as wedding gown shopping. The key is to pick accessories that complement your dress choice and reflect your personal style. This guide from the Best for Bride team of wedding fashion experts will help you do this right.

What Happens to Flowers After the Wedding?

Have you ever thought about what happens when your wedding is done? What happens to all of the flowers?  Flowers are in bouquets, centerpieces, table decorations, ceremony decorations, and various other places.  Plus, you probably spend hundreds, if not thousands, on them. What happens to them?

Colors – Traditional or Blended?

Today’s bride has so many options when it comes to choosing colors for her wedding.  Do you want to be traditional and have the 2-3 colors throughout? Or will you pick shades of the same color and have it all blended? Or will you even have colors?  Let me give you some insight to help you choose!

Wedding Favors 101

For your wedding favors at the reception, you can put as much thought and effort into them as you’d like!  Or, you can have them ordered and that be one less thing to worry about!  I’m going to give you some traditional favor ideas as well as some unique favor ideas!

Wedding Insurance

Are you considering getting a policy for your wedding?  It might be worthwhile and beneficial to you.  For our wedding, I bought a policy….just in case something happened!  The policy wasn’t very expensive but had us covered in case of any major incidentals so that we weren’t out-of-pocket the entire cost of the wedding.

Wedding Emergency Kit

On the wedding day, there are so many things that can go wrong!  You need a back up of almost everything, and supplies ready for small repairs.  For a wedding, you must have this kit ready to go!

Why the Stress?

Weddings should be fun and joyous, right?  It’s easy to get caught up in the stress.  Especially with trying to please everyone (including yourself), hearing everyone’s opinions, managing a big budget, and juggling so many details!  Let me tell you why these stresses are real and how to overcome them!

Is a Destination Wedding For You?

I am seeing more and more destination weddings!  One of my best friends from college had a destination wedding, and it was so intimate and special.  Are you considering a destination wedding?  Here is some advice to help you choose if this is right for you or not.

Advice for Wedding Dress Shopping

I’m a total sucker for the show “Say Yes to the Dress.”  And on the show, you see a variety of brides, style choices, and people helping them choose a dress.  Just watch a couple of episodes, and you’ll see how overwhelming wedding dress shopping can be.  Here are some of my real life tips about selecting a wedding dress.