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katie and kyle

"I had already started on a spreadsheet when I discovered Wedding Under Control, and thank goodness I made the switch! Erin has thought of all the details necessary to managing a wedding and has included them all in this great program! Keeping up with everything and budgeting was SO much easier and made me feel so much better prepared.

Not only that, but I had access to EVERYTHING in one convenient place! With everything that brides have to worry about before their big day, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping up with the all the tedious minutiae. Wedding Under Control made it so easy, which helped me be able to relax a little more and truly enjoy my special day."   Katie, TN

Emily and Andrew

"I consider myself a pretty organized person, but planning for a wedding would not have been possible to coordinate without the help of Wedding Under Control. It was such a user-friendly template that decreased my stress during my nine-month engagement period by helping me appropriately allocate my budget, keep up with my guest list, centrally store important contacts and outline each important moment of the day. For someone who didn't have a wedding planner, this was a lifesaver that helped me actually enjoy the wedding planning process and pull off my dream wedding!"    - Emily, FL

Kristina And Lee

"Wedding Under Control is the tool I didn't know I needed.  I didn't know where to start when planning my wedding and was overwhelmed by all of the options.  Luckily, I came across Wedding Under Control and it has made planning and tracking my wedding so simple.  It has helped me to keep my stress level under control while planning a wedding in 6 months. I am grateful to have Wedding Under Control." - Kristina, TX

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