Why the Stress?

Aren't these details beautiful? Be clear about your vision and let your florist do the rest!

Aren't these details beautiful? Be clear about your vision and let your florist do the rest!

Weddings should be fun and joyous, right?  It’s easy to get caught up in the stress.  Especially with trying to please everyone (including yourself), hearing everyone’s opinions, managing a big budget, and juggling so many details!  Let me tell you why these stresses are real and how to overcome them!

Trying to Please

For most women, we have dreamed about our weddings since we were little girls!  Well, now, it’s finally here!  You have cooked up some grand ideas for your wedding, and now you’re starting to stress because a lot of those probably won’t happen or else they’ll break the bank.  Or you wanted a perfect date and venue, but it’s already booked.  Also, you want to please your family, guests, bridal party, and all of the wedding professionals that you’re working with.  Everyone wants to be the “perfect, she’s got it together” bride.  Guess what?  It’s ok to not be perfect.  And it’s ok that not everyone is pleased, even yourself.  Remind yourself that your wedding is a celebration about you and your hubby-to-be starting a life together!  In 10 years, who will remember if the centerpieces weren’t exactly all the same or if you forgot to invite one of your college friends.  Trust me, breathe, it will be ok.

Everyone Has Opinions

You think you know, but you don’t until you’re engaged.  Everyone wants to give you opinions for the best flower, venue, playlists, cake flavor, and everything else you could think of.  Here’s my advice:  smile sweetly, say thank you and that you’ll consider it, and move on with what you want to do.  End of story.  No need to stress about it.  It’s YOUR day.  Not theirs.  They already had theirs.

Beat the Budget Game

Most people have managed a monthly budget when they’re getting married.  But managing a large event budget is a completely different story.  The average bride is 28 and the average wedding cost is about $27,000.  That’s much different than managing your gas and grocery budgets!  Be smart about it.  Get a tool (cough cough, Wedding Under Control offers this – click here), use it at least weekly, and stay on top of your finances.  Open a new bank account that is solely for wedding money.  As you start to put down deposits and see what the final cost will be, stop there.  It’s easy to get caught up in a million little details, but unless your budget is huge, focus on the big parts of your wedding.

Juggling Details

Everyone wants the bride’s final say-so on everything.  From the color of ribbons on the bouquets to the types of glassware for the wine to the style of bow for the chair ties.  Everything is run by the bride.  This is where you can delegate.  Provide a vision and trust your mother, sister, or bridal party to carry it out for you.  If you’re a control freak like me, you’ll crave knowing every minutia detail of the wedding, but I’m not most people.  If this stresses you out, seriously, delegate and trust that it will be handled.  Tell your people to ask you only if they feel stuck and need to get your final approval.  Also, make a checklist and refer to it often.  That way, things don’t get forgotten.

All in all, weddings can be stressful.  There is a lot to do in a small amount of time.  So, try to enjoy it.  And remember, check out Wedding Under Control's tool that helps keep all of this organized (click here for details).  Hopefully, you only do this once!