The 4 “Somethings”

Something Old,

Something New,

 Something Borrowed,

Something Blue

This is an old English rhyme that tells brides to wear a few good luck charms on their wedding day.  It’s an old tradition for brides to follow.  Finding these 4 somethings is fun for brides to put together!  So, what do today’s brides wear as the 4 “somethings”?

Something Old

Something Old symbolizes continuity.  It represents the bride going from the past into the future.  Typically, brides wear something linked to her family, especially something that is an heirloom or holds sentimental value.

What are some ideas for Something Old?

  • Wear a dress, veil or jewelry that have been worn by someone in your family on their wedding day
  • Sew some fabric from your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown into your dress
  • Have a piece of jewelry or an old hairpiece converted into a re-purposed pair of earrings or bracelet
  • Use a photo locket to show photos of loved ones who have passed on.  You can wear the locket as a necklace, or some brides have had their florist wrap it around the bridal bouquet.
  • I wore my late grandfather’s City Alderman pin.  My grandmother pinned it onto my dress’s sash so it was visible from my left side.  Having her pin it on me is a moment I’ll always cherish.  And we were blessed to have it captured on camera.

Something New

Something New represents optimism for the future.  After all, the wedding day is the beginning of a new life – your married life!

What are some ideas for Something New?

  • Anything purchased as new for your wedding day apparel counts!  It can be something sentimental or fun – the sky is the limit!!
  • My Something New was my wedding dress – it was perfect!!

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness.   This one takes some thought.  You want to borrow something meaningful, but not too valuable that the owner is worried about it!

What are some ideas for Something Borrowed?

  • Any piece of jewelry or veil from a family member or very close friend
  • You can fasten something special to your bouquet
  • A clutch or purse from someone close to you
  • I borrowed my sister’s sorority badge.  We were in the chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the same time, so she took her badge and pinned me on the inside of my wedding dress.  If you’re in a sorority, you can even borrow your sorority siste rs’ badges and pin them to your wedding bouquet!

Something Blue

Something Blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.  You can get really creative with this one! 

What are some ideas for Something Blue?

  • Garters are always a fun way to incorporate Something Blue
  • Some brides have had a piece of blue fabric woven into their wedding dress
  • Nail polish works too!
  • I have a gorgeous pearl and aquamarine ring, so I wore it as my Something Blue

You can be as traditional or as modern as you’d like!  The sky is the limit!  Check out Pinterest, have fun, and make them special.  Be sure your photographer snaps pictures of all of your Somethings!  They’ll be fun to look back on one day!




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Something Old:

Something Borrowed: