Guest Book and Its Alternatives

Here is an example of guests' thumbprints making fireworks! So clever!

Here is an example of guests' thumbprints making fireworks! So clever!

Traditionally, guests will sign the guest book at either the ceremony or the reception.  Today, you can have guests sign anything, give a thumbprint, offer advice, and more!

I had so much fun researching for this blog post!  I even created a Pinterest board that is FULL of creative and unique ideas for your wedding guest book.  Check it out – you might see something that peaks your interest!

When I got married, I simply forgot to come up with a creative guest book.  I purchased your typical guest book, and now it’s stored in a box in my bonus room closet with the other wedding leftover items.  I wish I would have done something a little more creative, but that’s just me!  Maybe you want the traditional guest book – good for you!  Check out Etsy for some great guest books that can be customized with the bride and groom’s names.

If you want some ideas for a unique guest book, here are some of my favorites!

Puzzle pieces – have guests sign a puzzle piece where the puzzle makes up a picture of the couple, a nice script monogram, or your wedding date.

Jenga pieces – you can play Jenga forever and remember your guests who came!

Corks – keep your signed corps in a shadow box that has your wedding date etched in the glass.  Hang it and always remember your wedding guests.

Thumbprints – have a variety of ink colors or stick with your wedding colors.  Some brides have a tree where guests’ thumbs make up a leaf.  Others have the thumpprints look like balloons with a silhouette of a couple holding the balloon strings.  Others have a unique heart design and the thumbprints are the background.  Sky is the limit! (Remember to have wet wipes for your guests inked fingers!)

Signatures on wooden pieces – you can have a giant letter of your last name and have guests sign it in Sharpie markers.  Or you can have a unique box with your wedding date or names and have the guests sign the box.  One of my favorites is a giant wooden sign with the couples monogram and wedding date and the guests sign around it in a metallic sharpie.

Picture book – I’ve seen these at several weddings this year.  The couple had a photo book made of engagement photos on Shutterly, Tiny Prints or another printing company.  Then the guests are encouraged to write a little note on the white space in the book.  So clever!  I’ve also seen a giant canvas of an engagement picture made (with a lot of white space) where guests sign the blank area.

Remember, the point of a guest book is to see who was at your wedding.  However you decide to collect their names is up to you, but it’s so fun to look back on and remember your special day!


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