The Forgotten Budget Items

Ask any bride about some costs she incurred that were not accounted for in her initial budget.  You will get a variety of answers, but there are a few that seem to be mentioned more often than most.  Here are a few I almost forgot as a bride and some you will undoubtedly hear of.

1.      Gratuities

Yes, you need to tip some of your wedding vendors.  From your caterer to your florist delivery personnel to your ceremony musicians, you need to budget for gratuities and have the cash on hand.  Find out if their fee includes a gratuity.  If not, plan on budgeting accordingly.  Check this out for a guide on how to tip.

2.      Postage

Please don’t forget to budget for postage!  You have save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you notes.  If you invite 200 guests, this is at least $400 in postage.  And remember, some invitations cost more than the average forever stamp.  And if you want special wedding stamps, sometimes those cost extra.  Some brides have their family help them create a stockpile of stamps!

3.      Gifts

You have shower hostess gifts, gifts for the wedding party, gifts for your family, and others along the way.  You want to show your appreciation to those who continue to show you love during your engagement.  Set a budget for each gift.  You can find some great hostess gifts on Pinterest without spending a fortune!

4.      Extra apparel

With engagement parties, your rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids luncheon, and wedding showers, you want to look your best since you are the guest of honor.  You may need some new dresses, jewelry, and sometimes shoes for all of these special occasions.

5.      Beauty treatments (including trial runs)

What if you want a spray tan?  Or need a trial hair and make-up run at the salon?  Or need to get a wax the week of the wedding? These will cost you if you don’t anticipate them!  Find your favorite salons, get their pricing, and include them in your budget too!

6.      Alterations

These always sneak up on brides.  Unless you can fit into a sample dress perfectly, plan on paying for alterations.  Some bridal salons include alterations into the cost of the dress, but others don’t.  Ask this during your dress appointments.  They can cost anywhere from $50 to $600!  Mine cost $200, and I had very simple alterations done.

7.      Insurance policy

If you haven’t thought about getting an insurance policy for your wedding, you need to strongly consider it.  Most wedding policies will cover the cost for circumstances beyond the couple’s control.  What if one of your vendors cancels last minute and you have to hire someone for 3 times the cost?  Or what if the father of the bride gets in a car accident the week of the wedding, so the wedding is postponed?  An insurance policy will cover all of these potential unforeseens.  Ask your insurance agent about obtaining a policy.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Be a smart bride and do your homework as you budget.  Check out our Pinterest page to see other budgeting ideas.  Wedding Under Control includes all of these “forgotten costs” in our template so you have something to start from.  Budgeting smart and planning ahead is so important!



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