How to be an Ideal Bride

Brides get a bad reputation for being “bridezillas.”  Crazy brides are all over the media that are demanding and just downright rude.  So, how can you overcome this stereotype?  Here are 5 tips to help!

1.      Stay organized

The more organized you feel, the less stressed you’ll be.  The less stressed you are, the easier to get along with you’ll be.  Figure out a system to stay organized (or purchase Wedding Under Control to help), stick to it, and update it frequently.

2.      Delegate tasks

As your to-do list gets longer and the wedding day gets closer, this is when you start to delegate.  Your close family and your wedding party are here for you!  Don’t bombard them with things to do, but ask them nicely to help and tell them that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.  Don’t forget to write thank you notes!

3.      Don’t forget the “little people”

Be nice to everyone you encounter along the way.  The receptionist at your venue, the assistant of your florist, etc. all have a direct line to the “boss.”  Be sure to treat them kindly and with respect.  You’d be surprised how far a kind word will go.

4.      Be thankful

You have so many people that are celebrating you and your future hubby.  Be sure to give gifts, write thank you notes, and make them realize that you are thankful for their support and friendship during this exciting time for you.

5.      Remember the “end goal”

The whole point of being engaged and planning a wedding is because you are about to get married!  Keep your eye on the prize, sister!  You get to become a wife at the end of all of the wedding festivities.  Reflect on this periodically and include your fiancé in the planning.

Happy wedding planning!