How to Make Children and Weddings Work

My cousin, Adam, and I as the ring bearer and flower girl in our aunt's wedding.  Circa 1992

My cousin, Adam, and I as the ring bearer and flower girl in our aunt's wedding.  Circa 1992

Having children in your wedding is a personal choice.  There is no right or wrong way to do this!  If you do not want children in attendance at your wedding, be sure to address the invitations accordingly.  Some brides even call their friends with children to break the news that the kiddos need to stay at home.

If you ARE inviting children, plan appropriately!  Have an activity for kids to do during the reception, offer coloring books for the ceremony, and have kid friendly food options.  Some brides even hire specialty babysitters to stay with the children during the reception.

Kids can be especially cute at weddings.  Their outfits, their happy-go-lucky attitudes, and kids are just funny!  They can definitely make your reception more light hearted, and the pictures will be adorable!

If you are considering having children in your wedding ceremony, there are a variety of options!  They can be a Jr. Bridesmaid/Groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, or any other special role.  If you are blending families together, a unity candle ceremony is always special to include the children.  When children are in weddings, you need to practice over and over!  Put a penny on the floor so that they know where to stand.  (I was a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding when I was 5.  During the rehearsal, I didn’t know the pennies on the floor were our spots, so I picked them all up!  Oops!!).  Also, be sure that the kids know where their parents will be sitting in case they get nervous or scared.  There are all sorts of books available so that the parents can read to the child to help the child feel more at ease and excited about his/her special role.

Either way you go (kids or no kids), just be sure that this is communicated very well.  Never assume anything – especially when kids are involved! 



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