The Send Off

Nowadays, wedding send offs are so creative!  No more of the typical bird seed or rice.  No no, it’s much more than that now!  Another part of the send off is for the getaway car to be decorated, typically by the groomsmen or full bridal party.

Why is there even a send off in the first place?  Traditionally, newlyweds were showered with rice after their wedding to shower them with prosperity, fertility, and good fortune.  Oats, grains, and dried corn were also used in addition to rice in places.  Then, research found uncooked rice may explode in birds’ stomachs, so you don’t see rice anymore.  Some venues even disallow rice to be used at the end of the wedding or reception as part of the great send off.

Why is the getaway car decorated?  It was believed that loudly honking horns, firecrackers, and tin cans attached to the rear bumper deceived mischievous spirits who might destroy the couple’s happiness.  Some legends even hold that attaching a pair of baby shoes to the bumper or rear view mirror will bless the couple with a large family.  The tradition began in the southern states, as well as among Latinos and Russians.

Need ideas for the send off?

Send off ideas:

  • Sparklers (have matches and a place to extinguish the flames)
  • Wild flowers, flower petals, or leaves
  • Confetti, streamers, or confetti push pops
  • Bubbles or bells
  • Glow sticks or ribbon wands
  • Oatmeal, bird seed, or lavender
  • You can put any of these in cute paper cones or specially designed cups for your guests to hold them while they wait for you to exit

Car Decorations:

  • Avoid sugar based products, heavy duty tape, shoe polish, light paper (especially if it’s raining), silly string
  • Allow the windows to be seen through!  And keep the license plate visible
  • Use window markers for window messages
  • Use scotch tape or painters tape to attach items to the vehicle
  • Balloons, flowers, and garland are always fun

For the send off, have fun with it!  You want your guests to send you off with style and make it personal to you and your groom.  If you’re worried about some groomsmen overdoing the car a bit, ask your best man to keep it PG and tame!  Be sure to let your photographer know about your send off so they can capture some great pics of you and your guests!