Stationery and Postage – Yes, They’re Important

“Snail mail” may seem outdated, but for weddings it’s necessary!  Some brides think, “I don’t want to waste a lot of money on wedding stationery because they’ll end up in the trash.”  Yes, people do throw them in the trash.  Don’t you? 

I want to talk about the importance of wedding stationery.  Not just the wedding invitations.  But also the postage stamps, invitation inserts, thank you cards, save the dates, shower invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, and change of address cards.  Overwhelmed?  It’s okay.  Let’s walk through it together.


Don’t forget about stamps.  These add up!  In your wedding invitations, it’s encouraged to put a stamp on the RSVP card as well.  The post office has a variety of wedding themed stamps.  If your wedding invitation is large or is over the weight limit (mine were!!), then you’ll need pricier stamps.  You don’t want to be that bride whose guests have to pay $1.27 to simply receive your wedding invitation, do you?  (Yes, I’ve had this happen to me – a simple oversight of the couple, but I won’t forget it).  So, stamps are very important to purchase in the beginning!

Invitation Inserts

Along with your actual wedding invitation, you may have necessary inserts.  Some examples are RSVP cards, direction information, evening invitations, and wedding events insert.  You may or may not need all of these, but you almost always see RSVP cards with the invitation.  A lot of brides will design a website with directions, hotel accommodations, and other local details.

Thank you Cards

Early on in the wedding planning process, you need to invest in some nice thank you cards.  Style selections are endless.  Once you register for gifts and starting having bridal showers, you need to write thank you notes immediately.  So, go ahead and order your thank you note stationery.  It’s a tasteful way of letting the gift giver know that you appreciate them and the time they took to purchase a gift for you and your future husband.  A nice note goes a long way, trust me!

Save the Dates

Are you interested in Save the Dates?  A lot of couples are sending these a few months before the invitations are sent so that guests can go ahead and mark their calendars.  Yep, these have a cost for being printed and for postage too!

Showers and Rehearsal Dinner

If you are having showers thrown for you, the hostesses typically cover the invitation and postage costs.  If the groom’s parents are throwing the rehearsal dinner, they typically cover the invitation and postage costs.  If you are financially involved in either of these pre-wedding festivities, you need to ask to see if you are responsible for the cost of the invitations and postage.  You never know, but it’s best to be certain!

Change of Address Cards

If you are moving or merging households, a lot of couples order Change of Address cards.   Guess what?  These also cost for printing and for postage.    

The options are endless!  There are so many styles to choose from!  You can be as formal or as casual as you want.  But don’t discount the importance of nicely printed stationery and the postage that goes with it.  Be sure to save an invitation/card for yourself.  You can have it framed or put in a scrapbook for a nice memento.