How Pinterest Kills Wedding Budgets

Don’t worry, this is not a blog about bashing Pinterest.   In fact, I LOVE Pinterest!  I use it for so many aspects of my life!  But when it comes to planning your wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Everything you see on Pinterest has a price tag.  If you see a beautiful and elaborate venue with drapes, lighting, and fancy china, you won’t get all of that on a $5,000 budget.  No, no, no my friend.  There is a price tag to every single part of that beautiful picture you see! 

Pinterest can be very dangerous to wedding budgets.  So, get real…that is, realistic.  Set your budget before you start looking at Pinterest or wedding magazines.  Once you have a total budget set, you know your limits.  Then, you can start figuring out your dream wedding within the confines of your budget!  You have your own style, so focus on what YOU can afford.  Then get going on the fun stuff and perusing the Pinterest pages!

Prioritize!  Prioritize!  Prioritize!  If your biggest dream is to have a string quartet, then by all means, you go hire a string quartet.  But realize that another dream might get moved to the bottom of the list and may not happen.   Write out some key dreams for your wedding.  Use Pinterest to help you, then prioritize this list of dreams.  That’s where you start!

You should also meet with local vendors.  Go to bridal shows.  Figure out the price tags associated with your “dream” items.   You don’t have to sign any contracts or get any deals finalized, but you CAN learn what your dreams will cost.  Maybe you’ll have to have smaller bouquets so that you can afford your beautiful centerpieces.  Be willing to give and take. 

In the end, it’s about your marriage.  It’s not about how fancy the flatware was or the chair covers.  It’s about the bride and groom and the start of a new life together.  Keep that in mind as you figure out the dreams for your wedding day!