Wedding Vows

Today’s brides are getting more and more unique in the way they do their weddings.  Personally, I love this because it shows more of the bride and groom’s personalities and style.

When it comes to wedding vows, there are so many available options for you!  You can be traditional, religious, funny, sweet, or even include your children.

What are some things to talk about in your wedding vows?

  • What do you promise your future spouse?
  • Do you have any sweet sayings you say to each other?
  • Do you have a short story you’d like to share about your future spouse?
  • Tell how much you love each other
  • Talk about how you two are friends (or is your partner in crime)
  • Promise how long you’ll heed to these vows
  • If a religious ceremony, tie in your religious beliefs or maybe a scripture
  • If there are children, include them in your vows

In the case of vows, plagiarism is totally acceptable!  When researching for this blog, I found so many variations of vows out there!  Go to your favorite search engine, type in “wedding vows”, and start the hunt.  Narrow your search based on key words you want to say or certain style you want to maintain.

I was a traditional bride, so we said traditional vows at our wedding.  I had our minister read a line and we repeated them.  Also, we said the same vows to one another.  If you choose to write your own vows, more power to you!  I was just too nervous to do that and knew I’d forget something or would cry while reading them!