How to Choose Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

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The right accessories add the perfect finishing touches to the bridal look. However, finding the ideal pieces to complete your wedding look is not always easy.

With plenty of choices in wedding accessories, jewelry shopping can be just as confusing as wedding gown shopping. The key is to pick accessories that complement your dress choice and reflect your personal style. This guide from the Best for Bride team of wedding fashion experts will help you do this right.

Use the wedding dress neckline as a guide

One of the most important and visible features on your wedding dress is the neckline. Start accessorizing your dress by finding jewelry that complements the dress neckline. Find the best neckline for your body type with the help of this guide on the Knot website. Avoid wearing a necklace if your dress features an embellished or high neckline. Simple and slender accessories will not compete with the neckline, and are ideal for bateau and illusion styles. Pair a strapless or sweetheart neckline with bold necklaces to decorate the décolletage. For a V-neckline, choose jewelry that is appropriate for the depth and width for best effect.

Consider your hairstyle when choosing accessories

Just like the neckline, your hairstyle will greatly affect your overall look. Choose between small and dangling earrings based on whether you leave your hair down or pull it away from your face.  Studs are versatile and go well with most hairstyles, while dangling chandelier earrings look stylish. If you pick a flashy necklace, small earrings will help you avoid a cluttered look. When you choose a hairstyle where you hair is pulled back from your face, choose dangling earrings that do not extend beyond the jaw line. Long and big earrings are best with longer hair.

Match the metals to the color of your dress

Wedding dresses come in various shades of white. Choose the base metal for your accessories based on the specific white color of your dress for the best effect. Pure white may be paired with white or silver as the base metal. Off-white shades like cream and ivory pair well with gold jewelry. Diamond white and champagne colors look good with most metals. So, you can choose silver, gold or rose-gold tones with these shades. If your wedding dress has crystal or beaded embellishments, match your jewelry base metal to the threads in the embellishments and they will not clash.

Highlight your hair with accessories

Beautiful hair accessories can dress up your bridal look. Veils are the most popular hair accessory. Take a look at this article on the Brides page to choose the right veil for your wedding dress style. Apart from veils, hair accessories include clips, hair bands, hair combs, tiaras, crowns and fascinators, that can enhance your hairstyle. Most hair accessories can be paired with the veil. Hair clips and combs add a hint of sparkle to your hairstyle. Tiaras, crowns and headbands are bigger and bolder. When choosing a headband, place it at different locations on your head to find the one that is most attractive. Natural flowers are another attractive hair accessory. You can either weave flowers into your hair or wear a flower crown.

Keep it simple

You do not need every type of accessory to complete your bridal look. Instead, take cues from the dress style to decide which pieces you actually need. A richly embellished gown needs few accessories, while big and flashy pieces of jewelry are suitable for a simple dress. Too many accessories will look cluttered and distract from the statement features of your wedding dress. So, do it in moderation and you can strike the right balance. Experiment with sashes, boleros and bird cage veils for a distinct style that is sure to impress.

Always stay true to your personal style

What you wear on your wedding day should be an extension of your personality and reflect your taste. So, don't deviate too far from your everyday choices when planning your bridal look. Pick accessories that suit your taste and you will feel good when you wear them. It will also help you feel comfortable. The goal is to look like a better version of you on this special day. You do not need too much jewelry, or sparkle from head to toe just because you are the bride.

Pick accessories that you actually love

Unlike your wedding dress, you can use your wedding accessories after the wedding. So, make it a wise investment by choosing items that you can use again. Purchase jewelry that you are drawn to, and you will find yourself wearing it again after the wedding. Similarly, don't hesitate to explore colorful options for a truly unique effect. Gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies are colorful alternatives to crystals and diamonds.

Make sure you are comfortable with your choices

From your veil to your wedding shoes, pick accessories that you are comfortable in. You will be spending several hours in your wedding dress and accessories, and it can spoil all the fun if you find any of them uncomfortable. When choosing shoes, pick a heel height that you can easily move around and dance in. It is good if the shoes have extra padding, as it will keep your feet cushioned.

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