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How to Choose Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

With plenty of choices in wedding accessories, jewelry shopping can be just as confusing as wedding gown shopping. The key is to pick accessories that complement your dress choice and reflect your personal style. This guide from the Best for Bride team of wedding fashion experts will help you do this right.

Colors – Traditional or Blended?

Today’s bride has so many options when it comes to choosing colors for her wedding.  Do you want to be traditional and have the 2-3 colors throughout? Or will you pick shades of the same color and have it all blended? Or will you even have colors?  Let me give you some insight to help you choose!

Picking a Venue

There are so many stunning venues for weddings, and it can be overwhelming.  You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding, have a destination wedding, or be at the Ritz downtown.   And what other questions do you need to ask before booking a venue?  Here are some tips for helping you choose the best venue for your wedding.