How Does a Hashtag Work for My Wedding?

You can find hashtag signs from most printing companies. I found this one on Etsy from  alexandcoprintables .  

You can find hashtag signs from most printing companies. I found this one on Etsy from alexandcoprintables.  

A huge trend that I’m starting to see more and more of is to have a hashtag for your wedding.  Why?  You will ask your guests to post pictures to social media and use your specified hashtag.  Then, you can do a simple search for your hashtag and see all of your pictures instead of searching through your friends’ social media accounts.  A wedding hashtag is a great way to be collaborative with little effort from the bride and groom!

If you want an “unplugged” wedding (where no devices are used for photos), then a wedding hashtag is probably not for you!  And that’s perfectly ok!  Some brides don’t want people taking pictures, but prefer for their photographer to do all of the snapping.  But if you are ok with your guests taking pics and posting them, then a wedding hashtag is for you!

How to create a hashtag

You can create your own, ask for help from family and friends, or even check out some online hashtag generators.  A good place to start is with your names because that’s very easy to remember for your wedding guests!  It’s encouraged to make fun alliterations, puns, or other plays-on-words into the hashtag. 

To be more unique, consider using numbers in the hashtag so that your hashtag doesn’t get mixed up with another one. 

Capitalize the first letter of each word so that the hashtag is easy to read.  Whether your guests post with the capitalization won’t matter – the hashtag will still work!  It’s just easier to read (and remember) with capital letters.

As you pick your favorite hashtag options, do a quick search to see if it’s already been used before! If so, just add a number, your wedding date, or change a word in the hashtag.  You want yours to be unique to YOUR wedding!

Make a list of several options, and then narrow it down to your favorite!  This is definitely a fun activity for you and your groom to do together!

How to spread the word about our wedding hashtag

Start using your hashtag before the wedding.  Tag your engagement pics, selfies of date nights, pics of your wedding decorations and attach your hashtag in your post.  The more you use it early on, the more people will notice it.

List your hashtag on your wedding website, save the date cards, and/or invitations.  At the wedding, you’ll definitely want to have a cute sign with the hashtag.  Order a few of these signs, have them match your wedding décor, and place them strategically:  near the bar, at each table, on the gifts table, near the cake, etc.  Have the DJ or band encourage guests to take pics and post using your hashtag too! I’ve even seen them on the cocktail napkins!  Great idea! 

Here is a list of some of my favorite hashtags out there!  These are very creative, so feel free to change your name, location, initials or wedding date and use it as your own!
















Do you have a favorite hashtag?  Or do you have a suggestion for creating a unique hashtag?  I’d love to hear how you spread the word too!  Thanks in advance for your comments!!




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