Wedding Favors 101

Using your wedding colors, like the ribbons here, is a nice touch too!

Using your wedding colors, like the ribbons here, is a nice touch too!

For your wedding favors at the reception, you can put as much thought and effort into them as you’d like!  Or, you can have them ordered and that be one less thing to worry about!  I’m going to give you some traditional favor ideas as well as some unique favor ideas!

If you search online for wedding favors, you will be overwhelmed with so many options!  For your help, I’ve made a Pinterest board with some really great ideas!  Keep in mind that the cost of favors adds up!  If you’re expecting 200 guests, and your favors are $5 each, your favors budget just jumped up to $1,000!  On average, brides spend about $2.00 to $2.50 on each wedding favor, give or take a dollar.


  • Mints with a note saying “Mint to Be”
  • Koozies with the couple’s names and the wedding date
  • Personalized shot glass
  • Custom printed M&Ms in a baggie
  • Personalized bottle opener
  • Mini jar of local honey or jam
  • Lip balm


  • Bags of locally ground coffee beans in cute burlap sacks (Ground for Celebration)
  • “Soundtrack” of your wedding on a CD
  • Mini champagne bottles with a sweet note
  • Mini balsamic vinegar and olive oil set
  • Macaroon cookies in a cute gift box


  • Bride and groom cake pops in a little bag with a “sweet” note
  • Homemade cookie in a sack that’s printed with “Midnight Snack”
  • Painted Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Mini pouch of seeds for your guests to plant a nice flower or plant (Let Love Grow)
  • S’more packets (S’more love to share)

These are just a few ideas. The options are unlimited! Yes, that could be a little overwhelming, but let that be comforting in that whatever you decide, it’ll be great! I highly recommend attaching a cute little note or gift tag that has a cute phrase on it.  It’s a small touch that you can make yourself (Hobby Lobby has some great, cheap gift tags) or you can order some more professional looking ones on Etsy.  Feel free to use any play on words to come up with a memorable touch! 

You’ll also need to display your favors.  I recommend having a table for your guests on their way out of the reception space. You can use stacking trays or baskets or just have them lined up on the table. Whatever you decide, have your wedding coordinator or some of your bridal party help in distributing them at the end of the night!

Have fun and enjoy spending hours on Pinterest finding the right favor for your wedding! They are so much fun to look at!