Colors – Traditional or Blended?

Today’s bride has so many options when it comes to choosing colors for her wedding.  Do you want to be traditional and have the 2-3 colors throughout? Or will you pick shades of the same color and have it all blended? Or will you even have colors?  Let me give you some insight to help you choose!

Before you think about colors, think about the style of your wedding. Will it be black tie, semi-formal, casual, indoor, outdoor, evening, afternoon? These things will help in determining your colors.  For an outdoor wedding, you probably want more earthy colors, whereas if you’re having an evening black tie wedding, you will want more modern and classic colors.

Most likely, your colors will be everywhere!  Bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements, invitations, reception décor, linens, lighting, wedding cake, and ceremony décor.  It’s wise to toss around a few ideas that you like, and then receive input from a select few who are involved in your wedding.  Notice that I said “select few.” You don’t want to post your top 3 ideas of faceobok and get a poll.  Well, maybe you do, but I don’t recommend that because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everyone’s opinions.  Go with your gut, and seek advice from 2-4 people, and then commit!  Once you’ve chosen your colors, go all in!!


If you’re like me, you dreamt of having the same colors since you were a little girl. I always wanted light blue and yellow. Specifically, light blue bridesmaids dresses and yellow flowers.  It’s funny because those were my mother’s colors!  Yes, I’m a traditionalist, so I can relate to all of you brides out there who want to have uniformity. 

If you’re staying traditional, you’ll probably choose 2 main colors, and everything will revolve around those 2 color choices.  For a spring wedding, you can use navy and salmon.  For a summer wedding, you can use teal and yellow. For an autumn wedding, you can use burnt orange and gold. For a winter wedding, you can use black and red.  Simple, right? Yes! Look at your options. Look at online color palettes and see what colors go together.


A lot of today’s brides are choosing a color scheme and doing what I call “blending.”  What I mean is that their colors will be gray and pale pink.  The specific color of gray isn’t important, and neither is the specific color of pale pink.  But the concept is that everything goes together and works!  There will be a variety of shades of gray and pink among the bridesmaids dresses, décor, invitations, etc.  It looks great, and I love it when brides pull this off!

Blending colors is more for casual brides who are more go with the flow.  Personally, I’m wound too tight to do that, but I love it when I see weddings where the blended look is done. It looks so unique and is very personal to not just the couple, but everyone involved in the wedding planning process. 

One word of advice for those brides that will do a blended scheme: look at everything before your wedding day.  If you’re letting your bridesmaids pick their own dresses, have them send you a picture before they purchase it. That way, you can collaborate them all together and make sure it will look good in your wedding pictures.

Whichever way you go, you can’t go wrong because it’s YOUR wedding! Your wedding should be about YOU and your style. So, if your style is formal and uniform, go for it and own it! If your style is more laid back and casual, great!  Just choose your colors and commit 100%!

I have a Pinterest board for each style: traditional and blended.  Be sure to check them out for some ideas!

Do you have any advice to tack onto this? Please comment! I’d love to hear what you have to say!!