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How to Get Mom to Take a Step Back

If you’re a bride with an over-involved mother, try to appreciate her wantingness to be helpful in her own way.  Are you almost to the point of enough? Here are a few tips to get your mother to take a step back for your wedding plans.

Yard Games at Weddings

Yard games at weddings are becoming more and more popular.  I can see why!  They’re so much fun!  Check out some of these yard games for even more laughter and mingling at your wedding!  I also provide a few tips and resource links in this blog!

I’m Engaged! Now what?

I get this question all the time from so many brides!  Getting engaged is the most exciting day ever, and then you start thinking about the wedding.  So you run out and get bridal magazines and start envisioning your special day together.  But what do you do first?