Picking a Venue

There are so many stunning venues for weddings, and it can be overwhelming.  You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding, have a destination wedding, or be at the Ritz downtown.   And what other questions do you need to ask before booking a venue?  Here are some tips for helping you choose the best venue for your wedding.

First of all, if you have a budget, this will narrow your field immensely.  You also need to look at the size of your guest list.  The number of guests estimated to attend is so important to your venue!  You don’t want to invite 300 guests but only book a venue that can hold 100.   

Then you need to consider the style of your wedding.  Will it be formal, informal, traditional, nontraditional, etc.?  You want to make sure that the venue matches the feel, theme, and style of your wedding.  Is the décor that is already at the facility what you want?  Or will you need to budget for more decorations?  These are all things to consider!

You also need to ask several venues about their availability before pigeon holing yourself into your dream venue.  What if your dream venue is already booked?  So, be open to comparable alternatives.

You’ll also want to learn about any preferred vendors that venues have on contract.  Some venues limit your options of caterers, rental equipment, and even have time restrictions .  You also need to look at parking availability and determine any other means of transportation you will need to reserve.

What does the venue allow you to use?  Can you use their tables and chairs or do you have to rent them?  Is there an outdoor space?  What is the restroom situation like?  Can you come early to set up and when can you break down everything?

These are all important things you need to think about when choosing a venue.  So much of your wedding hinges on your venue, so be smart and do your homework beforehand.