Photo Booths

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth?  Or some version of a photo booth?  They are so much fun!  If you’re considering having one for your wedding, here are a few tips about them.

Some brides like to set up their own booth.  If this is you, you have lots to consider!  Think about your backdrop.  Pinterest has so many ideas!   You can have a simple white background, vintage quilts, or set up boas and other bling!  Be true to your style!  You’ll need to make sure the booth has good lighting for photos.  Otherwise, you won’t see them.  Don’t forget about PROPS!  Your guests will have so much fun perusing the prop bins and making some funny memories!  Making a hashtag for your wedding is a great way to see photos after your wedding, whether they were taken in the photo booth or not.  Encourage your guest to post their pics on social media with your hashtag!

Don’t forget about having the actual photos printed at the booth!  You can buy an instant camera (like this one) or have a printer with photo paper on site.  Either way, just be prepared with plenty of photo printing paper!  I’d also recommend having someone be stationed at the booth to assist with taking photos and making sure that the lines moves along nicely. 

Photographers might also have photo booths in their wheelhouse.  Be sure to ask, and if not, it’s worth pricing out some other photographers or businesses.  After all, they’d have all of the equipment, props, photo paper, etc.  It’s a trade off of whether you want to do this yourself or not!

There are some alternatives to photo booths!  If a photo booth interests you, but you want to do something a little more outside of the box, check out these options.  My cousin’s wedding had a photo flipbook!  It was so cool and we had a blast making our flipbooks!  You can rent an old school photo booth with a curtain that closes – those are always fun!  I’ve seen action booths and slow motion video booths too!